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Just wanted to say thank you for your efforts on my manuscript...You did an awesome job and your attention to detail helped so much! (Tim McKitrick, Timothy Publishing Services, author of "The Hope of Glory")
"Thank you again for all of the time and effort you put into making sure this book is all that God has created it to be. I'm filled with so much joy and excitement." (Asia Carter, author of "Woman in Motion")
"I would especially like to thank Jim Kochenburger, my editor. He was helpful in his comments and corrections, as well as extremely encouraging." (Dawn Morris, "One Will Be Taken")
"Thanks Jim. You did a great job. I am not surprised. Now I know why your services came so highly recommended. " (Lawrence Maeba)
"I am grateful for what you have done and am well pleased" (Lisa Jackson)
"I've got to tell you, the video trailer has gotten rave reviews. Thank you again!" Lonnie R. Walker II
"I took your advice and changed the title of my book. Thanks for the advice because you were right....You made some great changes and I felt confident publishing the completed project. Thank you again!" (Trudy Kay Rowley)
"I truly believe the effort you put into this is going to make it a much better book."--Joel Hunt
Nick Brown--"You are blessed with a true talent."
Joel Rissinger--"Your edits are fantastic--thank you so much!"
Alvin Wilkerson--"Thank you for the great job you did with Bishop's book. It has been a pleasure working with you."
Pamela Valerio--"You did an excellent job, thank you so very much."
Minister Ronny Mills--"Thank you for your services. Be blessed!"
"Thank you so very much! Next year I go on to the next book; hope to do business with you then"--Jennifer Leotaud
"Thanks for your wonderful review."--Pastor Tekena Ikoko
Yoruba M. Chillus--"Thanks a whole heap!"
Wajidally Kahn--"Thanks for completing the manuscript. It was wonderfully done."
"I like the editing you have done...I am finding myself feeling as if I am reading a new book. I have recommended you to 2 friends who have written a book."--Benay Behnke
John Stewart--"Thanks for your work."
"I thank you again for all you've done. I had no idea the magic and life a good editor could bring to an ordinary piece of writing. I am truly amazed and blessed for all your help."--Sylvie Hache
Catherine Sheets--"It's been great doing business with you. Wish you all of God's blessings and thanks again!
"Hi Jim! People are in love with the books. Both books are impacting lives for God. Thank you!"--Lawrence Maeba.
"I don't know how to thank you for using your great talent to edit my work. I couldn't have done this without your help."--Jerry Roberg
"Thank you once again for your help, time and guidance.. Thanks a million ." Claudette Allen
You have put together a project that was nearly shattered due to a broken vessel of clay, in need of healing, yet unyielding to failure. God will use this work in a mighty way for His glory. Thanks, for your help and God's richest blessings. In Him, Ruth Stafford
D.B. Lantz
David Hollier
Celestia Tracy
Funsho Aduloju
Michael Bott
Raul Lopez
Jim Tunstall
Scott Delashaw
Sarswattee Khan
Cheryl Sellinder
Bernice Edwards
Rosie Wilson
Dennis Dwyer
Rich Trayler
Mary Mathes
Sabrina Ramos
Thanks for everything you did! John Anderegg

Reason 4 to Self-Publish–Greater Profit Potential

Money Authors signed by the old guard of traditional publishers are often surprised by the low amount of $$ they net in royalties for each book sold. Remember when you received your first paycheck as a teenager–and it was for far less than you expected? (You wondered what in the world “FICA” was and why it got so much of your money?) It is similar to that feeling.

Though I knew what to expect when I was signed by a mainline commercial publisher for my book, The Top 20 Messages for Youth Ministry, I will use it as a case in point.  This book has a retail price of $19.99. After the book is sold at wholesale to online and “brick and mortar” stores (a discount of 55%), my traditional publisher subtracts their original production and design costs, marketing expense, warehouse storage fees, returns, and take their 80-85% cut of profits, I get the remainder, or 15-20% of the net (profit).  Bottom line is, I net between  $1 and $1.50 per paperback book sold.  The book has sold about 30,000 copies since its release in 2001. So over the last 10 years, I’ve netted around $40,000. Not bad.

However, had I self-published the book and sold 30,000 paperback copies, I would have netted between $3 and $9 per book, or somewhere between $90,000 and $270,000 (depending on the breakdown between bookstore sales and direct publisher sales).

Of course this is a little bit of an apples and oranges comparison. That traditionally published book was launched with quite a bit more PR and marketing juice than the typical self-publishing author can afford. The Top 20 Messages for Youth Ministry went through a rigorous shaping process (which probably cost the publisher about $3k in staff time). It was given a multi-round professional edit, copyedit, typeset (probably $4k). The final cover design was selected from 4 or 5 different design ideas ($1.5k in design cost). It was launched with about $5k in marketing behind it (about average for a little known author). It also enjoyed placement in many larger “brick and mortar” Christian bookstores, not just distribution. (Placement=on shelves in bookstores.) All told, the publisher invested about $13.5k in my book. In return they will put all their marketing $$ into marketing the book for 3-6 months. After that, only if the book starts selling well will it get more marketing. (I know, right?)

A high quality, professionally edited and designed, self-published book that meets a strong market need or appeals to a popular interest, launched with several thousand dollars of marketing (targeted at the market need or popular interest group) can be MUCH more profitable for the author than a traditionally published book. 

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